Our aim in the lessons we give during clinics in germany or your visit in spain is to further the understanding between rider and horse. The explanations we give are logical and simple and lead back to the very roots of dressage riding. Corrections we give are meant to help and therefore “easy-to-do”, while we try to adjust the way of teaching to both, the needs of the horse and the wishes of the rider. Our pupils are as different as the aims they have, all breeds of horses are welcome and the riders are of course at different skill levels, some of them may improve their piaffe, some work on a flying lead change, others wish to learn about working on a long rein and others are looking for generell improvement and a better communication. There is also the possibility to visit us in spain and get lessons on our own highly educated horses. That will give you the opportunity to experience the feel of a correct piaffe, passage or levade in a relaxed environment on a well trained horse. A chance that you won`t find easily in a german riding school.

Clinics in Germany are usually four days long and you may decide if you prefer, a one hour lesson per day or half an hour or maybe two half an hour lessons. Our experience shows that four days are a good length to work on new learned lessons up to the point where the rider is able to keep on improving it by himself until the next clinic.